One Way in - No Way out

One Way in – No Way out

Lyrics:  One Way in – No way out


Living familiar world but its reflections seem estranged

One raindrop falling and all those memories seem forgotten

Steadly these waves are sliding along the surface, whose face has changed

And seem to become blurred through the unclear distance far away

(Verse 1)


But beside… all that beauty… it is disturbing… my clear sight

Distract… Narrow mind… Well known sight… Confused blind perspective



Waves dull all my senses now

Just as it is my only wish

To keep that moving picture clear

I know that mirror hides another piece of the quest

(Chorus) 2 Times


Sitting more disappointed than the way he felt before

Controll that wave but lose your sense on that reality

Failing attempts to dive into the layer down below

`Cause every touch just twists all your expectations

(Verse 2)


(Chorus) 2Times


One Way in – No Way out


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